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How to Upgrade Windows for Curb Appeal

How to Upgrade Windows for Curb Appeal

Choosing the Right Windows for Curb Appeal


A variety of structural and landscape elements can increase the overall curb appeal of a commercial or residential building. Commonly, property owners opt to achieve this through decorative improvements such as gardening, stylistic changes to architectural components and the addition of artistic elements. Upgrading a property to increase curb appeal can be a costly and complicated process. Landscaping can be high-maintenance, and structural changes can be difficult to implement and typically have no impact on the functionality of the components. One cost-effective way to improve upon curb appeal is to upgrade window units. Industry experts can provide excellent information on what styles are best suited for a given setting as well as remove a property owner’s burden to install the fenestration systems.

Window Styles, Functions, Advantages and Disadvantages

There are numerous window styles that are commonly used in commercial and residential structures, all of which have distinct appeals, functions, and pros and cons. The following list of window styles are commonly used in modern buildings:

  • Awning: This style of unit is hinged horizontally along the top edge of the frame and opens outward like an awning.
  • Casement: Casement windows are hinged vertically along one side edge and open outwards like a door.
  • Hopper: Similar to the awning style, hopper windows are hinged along the bottom edge of the frame and open in the opposite direction compared to the awning style.

Awning, casement and hopper styles, which all close by pressing the sash against the frame, are typically ideal for preventing air leakage, which in turn can reduce energy costs and are thus economical options.

  • Single-hung sash: This style of fenestration unit has two vertically aligned sashes. Typically, the bottom sash opens by sliding upwards.
  • Double-hung sash: Similarly aligned like the single-hung variation, both sashes of the double-hung style can open, with the bottom sash sliding up and the top sash sliding down. The two sashes may not be equally sized, which can be a factor to consider for curb appeal.
  • Horizontal sliding sash: This style of window typically consists of two or more sashes that slide horizontally. The sashes overlap one another.
Sliding windows are typically more prone to air leakage compared to the hinged styles listed above.

The Benefits of Insulated Glazing to Curb Appeal

In addition to the above listed styles, potential buyers should also consider using insulated glazing for window replacements and upgrades. Insulated glazing is an updated fenestration technology that eliminates the need for window screens and storm windows. For older window systems, screens are added in the summertime to keep out animals and insects from entering a building through the window, and storm windows are installed to increase insulation. Both additions must be changed seasonally, which can be difficult for upper storeys, as the screens and storm windows attach to the exteriors of windows. Insulated glazing is manufactured with two or three panes of glass with air or gas between the panes for improved air insulation, and they can be installed from the interior of the building.

The added ease of installation, combined with the elimination of unsightly screens and storm windows, as well as the potential reduction in energy costs, make window replacements a great choice for improving curb appeal. Trust Windows will provide a one-stop-shop solution to your needs. Trust Windows specialize in taking you from start to finish, providing in home estimates, manufacturing of the windows and full installation.

Window and Door Companies Toronto

Window and Door Companies Toronto
Upgrading the exterior of your home through renovation with the addition of new windows and doors is must if you want to add curb appeal. Trust Windows Corp. specializes in the revamping of windows and doors, customizing the look of your home's exterior to your liking. Contact a our team of specialists today to learn more about how we can help with your next windows and doors renovation project! 
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